Prospector is a package to conduct principled inference of stellar population properties from photometric and/or spectroscopic data using flexible models. Prospector allows you to:

  • Infer high-dimensional stellar population properties, including nebular emission, from rest UV through Far-IR data (with nested or ensemble MCMC sampling.)
  • Combine photometric and spectroscopic data rigorously using a flexible spectroscopic calibration model.
  • Use spectra and/or photometry to constrain the linear combination of stellar population components that are present in a galaxy (e.g. non-parametric SFHs).
  • Forward model many aspects of spectroscopic data analysis and calibration, including spectral resolution, spectrophotometric calibration, sky emission (coming soon), and wavelength solution, thus properly incorporating uncertainties in these components in the final parameter uncertainties.

License and Attribution

Copyright 2014-2020 Benjamin D. Johnson and contributors.

This code is available under the MIT License.

If you use this code, please reference

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